Please note, as we are dealing with  COVID-19,  if you are sick with a fever and cough  please CALL the office before you come in. We need to know  your concerns before you arrive. We do have the capability to test for this virus IF you meet criteria.

As of September 1, 2020 we are back to a more normal schedule. There will still be NO WALK-INS. Please call before coming  to the office. Blood draws and vaccinations will be  by appointment only.    Dr. Babe is always available to her patients by phone,  please do not hesitate to call if you are a patient of the practice with health concerns.

We do not currently have  influenza vaccine, and it is on backorder until January 2021. If we have not given you a flu shot already, please get it at your local pharmacy. Unfortunately, we cannot control the  delivery and supply of influenza vaccine.  If we get a shipment, we will reach out  to our patients who have not yet been vaccinated.

The State of Michigan has recently  released a COVID tracking app, which  can use your cell phone to alert you if you have  been  exposed to someone who has later tested positve for COVID-19. To learn more about the app or to download it , go to External link opens in new tab or windowthis site.

If you are looking for the MDVIP website to complete your health assessment prior to your physical, please go to External link opens in new tab or window